I had the pleasure to work with Jim Haggerty and Yellow Ape Productions on two films, WITCHMASTER GENERAL & WHEN DEATH CALLS.  Jim has immense talent as a writer - he truly stands out from the pack.   This was one of the first things that struck me as I began to read the WITCHMASTER GENERAL script.  He has the ability to flesh out the most interesting, believable, fallible, and well rounded characters.   The dialogue is always natural - never stilted or awkward.   As an actor, there is nothing that needs to be "re-worked" - the words as written by Jim are an actor's dream.

Jim has a great passion for film-making, and in particular, he is an avid fan of the horror genre.  Having grown up with the horror films of the 80s, it gave Jim excellent reference to create his own unique works of art.   He also has the uncanny knack to merge horror with dark comedy.   His films are often filled with clever twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

As a director, he is down to earth, easy going and open to the actor's interpretation of the character.  His sets are fun, funny, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the actor to let loose and take risks.  Beyond that, Jim and his wife Susan are wonderful, kind people with hearts of gold. 

I would highly recommend that anyone work with Jim and Yellow Ape Productions if given the opportunity.  I look forward to working with Jim on more Yellow Ape in the future. 
-Suzi Lorraine, actress​

My first words to Jim were, "Nice to meet you, do you mind if I go take off my shirt?" OK -- not really, but I did show up to my audition wearing my shirt (mistakenly) inside out. Although it was a less-than-auspicious introduction, I managed to stumble through my audition and to my delight was invited to be a part of the GRAVE DANGER family. My time on set was limited, but it was definitely a pleasure working with Jim and his production team. The experience proved that you don't have to have a big budget to be "professional" -- or to make a fun movie -- and I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate in the project.
- Kaye Bramblett, actress

I've become a big fan of Yellow Ape films! From the first film it was obvious to me that Jim Haggerty loves what he is doing. He puts great care into his projects. While there is some devious humor in some of his work it is never to the point where it distracts from the storyline or destroys the viewer's suspension of disbelief. He also works hard to develop his characters so that their individuality stands out. The films are full of surprises and beautiful women, well-edited and well-paced. I highly recommend to anyone who has a love of the art of filmmaking to take a look at Yellow Ape Productions!

- Robert M. Jackson, musician/actor

Yellow Ape is one of the very few independent production companies that creates films with cutting edge style and entertainment. A unique, honest, bad ass approach to independent film making. If you haven't heard about them yet, you must be deaf! I totally recommend yellow ape's stuff for a watch!

-Michael Shershenovich, filmmaker

The world of low budget independent film making becomes more competitive each day. It takes people with a real passion in order to stand out and shine. The kind of passion you find from Jim Haggerty and the gang at Yellow Ape productions.

Jim Haggerty and the gang at Yellow Ape Productions... rarely have I been able to use the words... "Those rotten sons of bitches" and say them with respectful affection
- Jeff Freeman, filmmaker

When I turned on Jim Haggerty's THE SLASHER, I have to admit I really was not expecting much. I was very tired and looking for something to try and fall asleep on, as well - however, as soon as the first 5 minutes and opening credits rolled by - I figured that I may have been wrong about the movie. I kept watching and watching, forgetting about sleeping, getting wrapped up in the movie's world - and as it turns out, I ended up with a pretty damned decent SOV slasher film (which reminded me much of 555 due to the detective angle) which has sadly become extremely rare in the last decade. It was shot skillfully, the acting was competent - especially concerning the titular character - the music was simple, yet effective... the special effects for the money behind them weren't all bad either. Most importantly, the movie's story, while ultimately not being something slasher fans haven't seen several times before (as if we started caring about that), it still manages to be very interesting and captivate the viewer's attention until the very end, due in no small part to the skillful pacing brought about in the editing process, as well as the titular character's chilling lines of dialogue.

THE SLASHER and Yellow Ape movies certainly are not quite for everyone - but chances are, if you're reading this right now - it most definitely are for *you*, along with Mr. Haggerty's other microbudget epics - such as I DREAM OF DRACULA and GRAVE DANGER.

Fans of SOV/DIY cinema - take note, Yellow Ape and Jim Haggerty are two names you need to memorize immediately - and do yourself a big favor and buy some of the movies, man!
- Matt Hill, fan

Working with Yellow Ape had a good professional and family feel.

Jim and crew makes actors feel comfortable and let them bring own ideas to the character. We had a looong day filled with laughs and fake blood. I hope Yellow Ape won't become one of extinct species!
-Tatyana Kot, actress