Well, we're doing it again! Yellow Ape Productions, Inc. are proud to announce the Yellow Ape Film Festival 2017!


On Thursday, July 27th, for the fourth time, we will be presenting an evening of great indie short films by some extraordinarily talented filmmakers alongside some outrageously cool live entertainment at the Cinema Arts Centre in Long Island! Master of ceremonies for the event will once again be the great Lady MacDeath and the names of our celebrity judge panel will be revealed soon!

Be a part of this exciting event by submitting your film today! Here's how:


-YELLOW APE III: The Return of the Yellow Ape Film Festival will be held on Thursday July 27th, 2017 from 7PM to 11PM at the legendary Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, Long Island. Selections will be screened on the big screen at the festival and the winning films selected by our panel of celebrity judges will be presented with awards at the end of the night.

-This is a festival of short films and all films screened must be 30 minutes in length or less.

- We will accept films for submission that have been completed within the last five years up to the present. 

- Anyone submitting films must be 18 years of age or older.

-Submissions will be accepted from January 1st 2017 through May 31st 2017. Submission fee for entries will be $50 USD.

- Not responsible for lost or damaged entries. Please ship with tracking and pack your submission safely. You can verify we’ve received your film safe and sound by e-mailing

-While the festival will be held in Long Island, NY we will accept submissions from anywhere in the world.

-This is not strictly a horror film festival - we will showcase short films that are in the ‘Yellow Ape’ vein – ‘Movies for the Midnight Hour’. Looking for cult movie type films – horror, comedy, absurdist, erotic – the sort of films that would appeal to a midnight movie crowd (so your documentary on poverty in Bangladesh might be better suited to a different festival).

- This is an R-rated type film festival for adults only so profanity, nudity, and fictional simulations of violence and/or sex is permitted. We will not, however, accept any hardcore pornography involving actual sex acts or depictions of real violence or murder. Any such selections will be disqualified from the competition without refund of submission fees and in the event we feel a crime has been committed we will notify proper authorities.

-The amount of selections will vary, depending on running times of the best films, i.e. if we receive a plethora of great ten-minute movies we will have more selections than if we get six really terrific thirty minute movies. But films will be selected for quality and not running time.

- The panel of celebrity judges will be on hand at the festival and will watch the selected films for the first time on the evening of the festival with the audience. They will cast ballots and the winning films will be announced at the end of the night and the filmmakers will be presented with awards.

-Participation by one of the celebrity judges in the making of the film – as a cast member, crew member, etc. – does not necessarily disqualify the film from the competition but MUST be stated along with the submission form as to which judge participated and in what capacity. In this case, the judge or judges involved will not render a grade for this particular film and the film’s overall score will be the average of the scores given by the remaining judges. If it is learned that a film has been submitted and the participation of a judge or judges from the panel has occurred and was not been announced upon submission, this film will be disqualified from the competition and will not be screened at the festival. Submission fee will not be refunded in whole or in part.

-To submit your film, send one DVD or Blu-Ray copy along with the completed SUBMISSION FORM (to be found at the tab above) and check or money order for the submission fee. If you prefer to pay with Paypal, send payment to but we must receive a hard copy of your film and the submission form or your film will be ineligible and a refund will not be made.

- You will be notified via e-mail whether your film has been selected by June 10, 2017. 

- If selected, you will be granted free admission for you and one guest to attend the festival. Any other friends/family who wish to attend will need to purchase tickets at the door.

- As art is subjective, we will not offer a critique of non-winning entries, nor any explanation as to why the film was not selected, so please do not request one.


-No advance schedule of films/live entertainment will be made available and there will only be one screen utilized for this event as we want all films and live entertainment to receive the largest audience possible, not people arriving to see one film and leaving. Please be respectful to all filmmakers and performers and come for the entire event.

- Send submissions to:


P.O. BOX 40373



Yellow Ape is not your typical film festival. It showcases local filmmakers’ movies intended for the midnight hour audience.  You can see anything from a silly zany comedy to a bizarre and disturbing horror flick. Not only are films shown, there are music acts, stand-up comics, and sexy burlesque dancers all which make it more of an event than just a film festival. I was truly honored to have been selected to screen at the first annual Yellow Ape Film Festival in July of 2013 with my short film DUSK: A TWILIGHT MOCKUMENTARY. The festival was all awesome movies, great music, lots of laughs, and a ton of great people.  Jim Haggerty delivered an excellent experience, creating a festival for filmmakers who love making the movies they want to make.

 -MARK ABRAMOWITZ, director, DUSK: A TWILIGHT MOCKUMENTARY (2013 official selection and 3rd place winner)

The Yellow Ape Film Festival is a one a kind experience, meshing together a gala of live entertainment from stand-up comedians, to burlesque, to some truly off the wall indie gems!



The Yellow Ape film festival is, in my opinion, the only legit and properly run festival dedicated to Midnight Movies and oddball cinema. Void of politics, and designed so that the entries’ work is viewed by the whole audience with focus on each and every individual piece, Jim Haggerty has not only opened the door for the emerging filmmaker, but he has turned the film going event into a multimedia experience. By introducing live acts that include music and performance art, Haggerty allows his audience to catch their breath between each film, and not once does the energy wane or drop out. The Yellow Ape Film Festival is a "must attend" part of anyone who loves film's calendar.

-KEITH CROCKER, filmmaker, (celebrity judge 2013)


The Yellow Ape Film Festival has certainly been one of the high points of my journey as a screenwriter and filmmaker. Jim Haggerty, a fine filmmaker himself, has put together an amazing night of quality films as well as top notch entertainment. As I was thrilled to have my film accepted, I was especially honored to receive a 2nd place award and a spot on Yellow Ape’s DVD collection. I look forward to future editions of this wonderful, important event and I urge everyone in the film and entertainment communities to support it.

-BEN FIORE, writer/director PENELOPE (2013 official selection and 2nd place winner)


I was so excited to be a part of the First Annual Yellow Ape Film Festival. The variety of talent and the venue is a superb platform for filmmakers and actors to collaborate.

I loved the excitement of the crowd during the screenings of independent films. Yellow Ape is a great vehicle for entertainment professionals to network and promote their projects.

 -ALEXA SERVODIDIO, actress PENELOPE (2013 official selection and 2nd place winner)


My brother, Robert, and I were privileged to have our short film, A FAREWELL TO ARM, screen at the first annual Yellow Ape Film Festival on July 31st, 2013. This festival, showcasing “Movies for the Midnight Hour”, was the most innovative cinema event that I’ve been involved with. Jim Haggerty is a filmmaker himself and shows great respect for filmmakers and their work. It was great to have our film in the company of other films that featured a healthy dose of shock, horror and dark humor. What better venue to have it all take place than the prestigious Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, LI. The icing on the cake was having our film win the Grand Prize and be included on Yellow Ape’s anthology, VAULTED: FILMS FROM THE YELLOW APE VAULT.

-PHIL SNYDER, producer/director A FAREWELL TO ARM (2013 official selection and Grand Prize winner)


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