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Introducing our new imprint and our first release!

Drunken Frankenstein Phantom Creeps EP 4.99 via Paypal

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Drunken Frankenstein - Phantom Creeps EP

Drunken Frankenstein is the brainchild of New York cult horror movie filmmaker Jim Haggerty (WITCHMASTER GENERAL, WHEN DEATH CALLS). They're a horror-obsessed punk rock band who play songs about monsters and classic horror movies.

Their five-track debut EP, Phantom Creeps is a driving collection of rockin' tunes sure to delight fans of The Misfits, Alice Cooper, KISS, The Ramones or Motorhead!

Begun as a one-off project to create a punk rock theme song for Haggerty's next horror movie, the musicians Haggerty assembled clicked so well musically and personally that one song turned into two, two turned into four, four turned into five and the band was born. Haggerty and bassist Robert Jackson, guitar virtuoso Jeorge Althaus and powerhouse drummer Bobby James have a grinding, cohesive groove that make them sound like they've been together a lot longer than they have.


“I was looking to record a song for this movie,” Haggerty explains. “And I knew Robert for a long time and I knew he used to have a band. Bobby was in that band so he brought him in. We had another guitar player and it was sounding so good we decided to record an EP. When things didn’t work out with that guitar player I called my friend Jeorge who’s a great player and fortunately he was into it.”

And Haggerty's quirky, clever lyrics show a deep passion for - and knowledge of - all things ghoulish. From the snarling punk of ‘Mad Doctor with the Skeleton Hand’, to the groovy shuffle of ‘Honey Blonde’ - an homage to horror movie scream queens - to the thousand-mile-an-hour barnstormer ‘Don't Look in the Basement’ (a tribute to one of Haggerty's favorite fright flicks) the macabre influences are felt throughout.

“At heart, we’re really just a bunch of guys who grew up watching scary movies,” Haggerty shrugs. “We’re the guys who were staying up watching the late night horror movies and that fandom kinda binds us together. And lyrically, I think it’s fun to write about. While everyone else is writing love songs or so-called meaningful songs, we’re doing songs about our favorite scary movies and creatures. It does set us apart!”

And the band is extremely happy with how the Steve Johnson-produced EP sounds. The thunderous drums, the groove of the bass, the metallic guitar leads, and the multi-faceted vocals are hard to resist on Drunken Frankenstein’s debut.


The Phantom Creeps EP is scary because it's so damn good!


Drunken Frankenstein Photos by Jen Maggio